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3 Warning Signs Your Dog Is in Pain

3 Warning Signs Your Dog Is in Pain

There is nothing worse than seeing your furry companion in pain. Sometimes their behavior makes it evident that something isn’t quite right, while at other times, there are physical signs that show that their health is suffering. To make sure your pet’s illness doesn’t prolong or turn into anything too serious, it is important to remain observant of these signs and not ignore them.

Here are 3 signs that show your animal’s health might be at risk:

Loss of Appetite

One of the most obvious signs that can indicate that your pet may be experiencing pain in some part of their body, is a loss of appetite. If you notice your dog is not eating as much as it normally does or is unable to swallow or digest the food, chances are something isn’t right. The loss of appetite could be associated with a toothache or pain in their stomach.

Excessive Panting

Although it’s common for dogs to pant, especially after a play session or when they’ve been out in hot weather, excessive panting can also indicate a health issue. Often dogs who are experiencing pain will pant excessively. You may also notice them trembling and making unusual sounds or appearing lethargic along with panting.

Aggressive Behavior

If your dog is usually a friendly and social creature, you will probably notice immediately if it suddenly becomes aggressive or destructive. The sudden change in behavior could be a sign that your pet is probably suffering from some health issue that you may not be able to identify. You Ormond Beach vet can help in such circumstances and give your dog the medical care and attention it requires.

At Bayshore Animal Hospital, our veterinary care team is completely qualified and experienced to provide your pet with whatever treatments they require. Contact us now to learn more about our services.

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