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How to Take Care of Your Pet’s Dental Health

How to Take Care of Your Pet’s Dental Health

Your pet’s dental health plays a very vital role in ensuring their overall physical wellbeing. Just the way we need to maintain a consistent dental care routine for ourselves, our pets require regular cleaning and maintenance for their teeth as well.

Here are a few tips from your Ormond Beach vets at Bayshore Animal Hospital that can help you keep your beloved pet’s teeth strong and healthy:

Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth

Regularly brushing your pet’s teeth helps remove plaque buildup. Plaque can cause infections, gum diseases, bad breath, and if not removed properly, it can turn into a hard deposit called tartar. Along with discoloring your pet’s teeth, tartar irritates their gums and can lead towards gum disease.

To brush your pet’s teeth, you need to use just a little amount of pet-approved toothpaste on their toothbrush. Your pet may not initially like it and could resist, but just remain patient and consistent and eventually they will allow you to make it a part of their regular cleaning routine. Dental chews are also helpful in removing plaque when your pet isn’t letting you brush properly.

Take Your Pet for Regular Dental Checkups

According to the American Animal Hospital Association, by the time most pets are three years old, they start showing signs of dental disease. They may not show signs of dental problems unless the issue is severe, so you have to make sure to keep an eye on their teeth yourself on a regular basis.

Schedule dental exams with your veterinary care team so that your pet’s teeth can be professionally checked in a thorough manner. Your pet’s veterinarian will know what to look for when examining their mouth and check for signs of tooth damage and decay, gum disease, and infections. If an issue is detected, your pet can receive treatment without delay so that it doesn’t have an adverse impact on their overall health.

Preventing Other Health Problems

Pets that don’t receive proper dental care are at risk of losing their teeth in a painful way as well as several other health problems. When bacteria and food accumulate in your pet’s mouth, the buildup can lead to periodontal disease. This allows bacteria to enter the bloodstream which can put your pet’s organs such as their heart, lungs, and kidneys at risk. To prevent this from happening, along with scheduling their oral examinations, you need to keep an eye on signs such as red or swollen gums, bad breath, drooling, and a decrease in appetite. These tell-tale signs can point towards a problem in your pet’s mouth that they may be struggling with.

The best way to remain safe from dental diseases is through prevention. Regular dental checkups and cleanings can maintain your pet’s oral health and keep their teeth healthy and clean. Talk to your trusted team of Ormond Beach vets at Bayshore Animal Hospital and learn more about your pet’s dental health and when to bring them in for examinations.

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