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10 Fun Facts About Labrador Retrievers From Your Ormond Beach Vet

10 Fun Facts About Labrador Retrievers From Your Ormond Beach Vet

It’s not hard to understand why Labrador Retrievers are so loved, whichever home they belong to. Their friendly and energetic nature brings joy and laughter wherever they go and their loyalty is what makes them even more special!

Here is a list of 10 fun facts about Labs from your Ormond Beach Vet:


  1. They are America’s favorite breed!

Labrador Retrievers are America’s favorite dog and have been topping the most popular breed list for the past 30 years according to the American Kennel Club.


  1. They were almost extinct

Long before these lovable creatures became America’s favorite dogs, their breed went close to extinction in the late 1800s. Heavy taxation on dog ownership in Newfoundland, where they originated from, caused them to go extinct in Canada but the breed managed to survive in England.


  1. They were named by an Earl

On the way back from a trip to Canada, the Earl of Malmesbury brought these dogs back with him to England and started referring to them as “Labrador dogs”. Since Newfoundland and Labrador are close by, it is assumed that the British referred to the whole region as Labrador.


  1. They love the water

Labs were bred to be the ideal water dogs. Fishermen used them to bring in nets and retrieve fish. They can remain in the water for hours, even if it’s icy cold. They have a thick double-layer coat that keeps them warm and have webbed toes and a thick tail that works like a rudder.


  1. They are incredibly smart

Labs are very intelligent creatures and because they are so eager to please, they can learn things very quickly. Their contributions range from service dogs to search and rescue as well as therapy dog work.


  1. They are faster than you think

You may have noticed how fast they are because of their energy and playfulness but their speed actually goes beyond that. They can hit 12 miles an hour in just three seconds!


  1. They can get destructive

Given how much energy these dogs have, a lack of exercise can get them to display destructive behavior. Proper training along with regular walks and playtime will keep their behavior under control.


  1. They are amazing guide dogs

Almost 70% of all guide dogs are said to be Labrador Retrievers. Their size and easily adaptable and trainable nature allow them to be a great fit for this job.


  1. They hold on to their youth for a while

While other breeds of dogs are known to mature by the time they are two years old, Labs like holding on to their puppy-like nature for a lot longer and usually don’t hit maturity until they turn four.


  1. You can get three colors in a single litter

A single litter can include brown, black and yellow puppies despite what their parents’ color might be.


To learn more about this beloved breed or for any help you may need if you happen to be the owner of Labrador Retriever, you can count on your trusted Ormond Beach Vets at Bayshore Animal Hospital to be there for you.

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