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Canine Hot Spots: How to Treat and Prevent Them

Canine Hot Spots: How to Treat and Prevent Them

As a dog owner, keeping a close watch over your dog’s health to make sure they feel their best is important to you. Dogs of all breeds and ages can experience many different health issues, and one of these is hot spots.

What Are Hot Spots?

The scientific name for hot spots is acute moist dermatitis. This condition is characterized by areas of significant inflammation in localized spots on your pet’s skin. These areas of inflammation can vary in size, leading many dog owners to mistake them for a bug bite at first.

What Causes Hot Spots?

Hot spots are typically created by excessive chewing, scratching, or licking in a single area. This means that anything that could cause your pet to become very itchy or irritated could lead to a hot spot, including parasites, fleas, skin infections, matted fur, and more.

How Can I Tell If My Dog Has Hot Spots?

Symptoms of hot spots include irritation, redness in a localized area, swelling, and even hair loss. Some of the most common places for dogs to develop hot spots are the head, the hips, and along the limbs.

Ready to Treat Hot Spots? Talk to an Ormond Beach Vet

In many cases, your pup will need topical antibiotics or steroids to treat a hot spot once it’s developed. Ask your Ormond Beach vet whether your dog needs medical treatment or if you can use at-home remedies like medical wipes, chlorhexidine shampoos, allergy medications, or even an Elizabethan collar or cone to prevent scratching or biting.

Preventative Care Matters

You can prevent hot spots by making sure that your pet’s fur is always properly groomed and that they’re getting their regular flea and tick prevention medications at your local veterinary care facility. 

Additionally, giving your dog plenty of exercise and mental stimulation throughout the day can prevent them from licking or scratching themselves due to boredom.

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