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How to Build Trust With Your Furry Companion

How to Build Trust With Your Furry Companion

Building trust with your furry companion is the most important step towards creating a healthy relationship with them and providing them with a nurturing environment they can thrive in. All pets are different, and each come with their own unique qualities and requirements, but one thing remains consistent – they all desire love and affection.


To show your new fur baby that you mean no harm, here are a few ideas that can help you build trust with them:


Patience and persistence


Every animal has their own set of instincts and the one you decide to bring home may not be prepared to let their guard down and be ready to accept you. That doesn’t mean you should give up and regret the choice of pet you made. Certain dogs, for instance, need time to become comfortable and learn to trust you. You need to be patient and not rush them or overwhelm them as they begin their new life with you.


Make your pet feel appreciated and loved and encourage them as they take baby steps towards making themselves at home with you.


Give them your time and attention  


Whether you’re taking them out for a walk or having them lay on your lap while you rub their belly, give them some undivided attention, and spend some quality time with them. One-on-one time with your furry little companion can help you both form a bond faster and have them look forward to hanging out with you regularly. Play fetch with them, take them out for a stroll and let yourself unwind with them while they get used to your company and presence.


Learn to understand their body language


To build trust with your pet, you need to understand what they are trying to express through their behavior and body language. If you notice them feeling shy or anxious, you could try and be more compassionate at the time or if they are jumping about and showing signs of destructive behavior, maybe they need your attention or a little playtime with you. By being attentive to the way they are expressing themselves, you could attend to your pets’ needs in a much more accurate and devoted manner.


Show them you will protect them

Whether it’s another dog barking at them, thunder and lightning outside, neighborhood fireworks or something else that’s making them jittery and scared, show them that you won’t let any harm come to them and are there to protect them. You could take them aside to a safer, quieter room if sounds outside are too loud or you could change their morning walk route if there are some other dogs you may come across who your pet isn’t too fond of. Make changes in your life and routine that express to your pet that you care enough to accommodate their needs.


If you are confused about your new pet’s behavior or need help getting them out of their shell, contact our veterinary care team at Bayshore Animal Hospital. We would be thrilled to help you and your pet form a bond of trust and love!

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