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How to Keep Your Pet Stimulated Indoors

How to Keep Your Pet Stimulated Indoors

Winters, hurricanes, pandemics… there can be many reasons why you may not be able to take your pet outside the house for days. But that doesn’t mean putting their mental and physical stimulation on the back burner. Left under stimulated, a pet might just begin exhibiting negative behavior such as aggression, depression, or anxiety.

So how do you nourish your pet’s animal instincts if you’re stuck indoors? Here are some surefire ways to get your furry friend excited:

Activate Hunting Mode

Dogs and cats have an innate eagerness to hunt. A hide and seek game that rewards them with treats will stimulate both mind and body. Hone a dog’s incredibly keen sense of smell by placing a healthy treat inside a box, behind the curtain, or under an upturned bowl. Your cat’s meal can be separated into smaller parts and hidden in different areas of the house for them to hunt down.

A Session of Fetch for the Win!

A simple game of fetch can be turned into a very productive exercise session for your pet. An interactive game with your cat with homemade pompoms or a just a crumpled-up paper ball will give you an afternoon of fun! Get your dog to release his energy by spending an hour playing fetch across the living room or a long hallway.

Mind Games

Give your pet the mental fulfillment of figuring out a solution. This can be done by using brainteasers such as puzzle feeders or a food dispensing toy. You can also try teaching your pet some new tricks, and even habits to your advantage, like putting away their toys.

Remember that an active pet is a happy pet. Just like humans, domestic animals need to regularly exercise their mind and body for a long, happy, and fulfilled life. Be sure to get regular checkups at Bayshore Animal Hospital with your Ormond Beach veterinary care team and drop by if you feel your furry mate is feeling under the weather.

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